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Downloading from the Installer

Starting with Release 2010b, you can download products for all operating systems directly from the installer. You can also download products from the installer for Microsoft Windows for R2006b–R2010a.


  1. You must be either:
    • The administrator or asset manager of a product license
    • An end user associated with a license, for which the administrator or asset manager has extended download permissions. Learn more.
  2. Your license must have an up-to-date software maintenance subscription.
  3. You must have the installer (on your product DVD or by download), a MathWorks Account, and an Internet connection.

Download and Install Products

  1. Insert the first DVD to automatically start the installer, or start it manually by:
    • Double-clicking setup.exe on Windows
    • Double-clicking InstallForMacOSX on Mac
    • Running ./install on Linux
  2. Follow the instructions on the installer screens.
  3. Log in to your MathWorks Account, if prompted. Your MathWorks Account is the same account that you use to log in to

For detailed installation instructions, see the Installation Guide for your operating system.