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MATLAB und Simulink - eine kursorientierte Einführung

MATLAB und Simulink - eine kursorientierte Einführung

Written for undergraduate students, MATLAB and Simulink - A Course-Oriented Introduction, provides comprehensive coverage of programming using MATLAB and Simulink. Topics include MATLAB basic operations, MATLAB programming, solving ODEs with MATLAB, and simulation of dynamic systems (solving ODEs) with Simulink.

MATLAB, Simulink, and Symbolic Math Toolbox are used to solve numerous examples in the book. In addition, a supplemental set of MATLAB code files and Simulink models is available for download.

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アルゴリズム開発テクニカル キット (無料)

MATLAB を利用することで C、C++、Fortran などの低水準言語よりも短時間でアルゴリズムを開発できる理由をお確かめください。

無料キットを入手 ( 英語 )




About This Book

Ottmar Beucher, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe

mitp, 2013

ISBN: 978-3-8266-9467-7
Language: German