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Digital Signal Processing, 2e: Concepts and Applications 4470

Digital Signal Processing, 2e: Concepts and Applications

Designed for undergraduate and graduate courses in signals and systems and signal processing, this book aims to give students the essentials of this subject. It concentrates on discrete systems, starting with digital filters and discrete Fourier transforms, then extending to adaptive filters and spectrum analysis techniques.

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DSP インタラクティブ キット (無料)

デジタル信号処理に関する広範な課題の解決に MathWorks ソリューションがどのように役立つかをお確かめください。

無料キットを入手 ( 英語 )




About This Book

Bernard Mulgrew, University of Edinburg
Peter Grant, University of Edinburg
John Thompson, University of Edinburg

Palgrave, 2003

ISBN: 0-333-96356-3
Language: English