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Multivariable System Identification: for Process Control 2963

Multivariable System Identification: for Process Control

Written for students and practicing engineers, this book discusses industrial solutions to process identification based upon scientific theory. Topics covered include various identification methods, including linear and block-oriented nonlinear models; detailed project procedures for multivariable process identification control; and identification test design and model validation. MATLAB and the System Identification Toolbox are used to solve numerous example problems throughout the book. 

Companion software available Companion Software: A set of MATLAB M-files is available. (The System Identification Toolbox is required.) Retrieve companion software

システム設計およびシミュレーション インタラクティブ キット (無料)

複数の領域にまたがる設計を 1 つの完全なシステム設計およびシミュレーション システムにスムーズに統合する方法をお確かめください。

無料キットを入手 ( 英語 )




About This Book

Yucai Zhu, Eindhoven University of Technology

Elsevier Science, 2001

ISBN: 0-08-043985-3
Language: English