Simulink Design Optimization

Programmatically Specifying Response Optimization Problems

In addition to providing a graphical tool for setting up and solving parameter optimization problems, Simulink Design Optimization lets you formulate and solve optimization problems programmatically. Using this approach, you can:

  • Specify the model parameters to be optimized
  • Specify the model signals to be logged from simulations
  • Specify standard objectives (such as step response characteristics)
  • Specify custom cost and constraint functions
  • Use sensitivity analysis to obtain a subset of the most sensitive parameters
  • Set optimization options
  • Run optimizations
  • Update model parameters with optimization results

You can create scripts for documenting your work and running optimizations in batch mode.

Script for specifying an optimization problem programmatically.
Script for specifying an optimization problem programmatically. The function evaluates a custom objective to be minimized during optimization, specifically the total energy for the piston position actuator.
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