Model-Based Calibration Toolbox

New Features

R2014a (Version 4.7)

Released: 6 Mar 2014

Version 4.7, part of Release 2014a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Table editing options to copy, convert, and preserve extrapolation masks and lock table values
  • Mask generation from predictive error variance and boundary models
  • Lookup table shading for relating table values to surface plots
  • Summary information for lookup table size, bounds, normalizers, inputs, and history
  • Tradeoff plots that zoom inside constraint boundaries

See the Release Notes for details.

Update Now

Previous Releases

R2013b (Version 4.6.1) - 5 Sep 2013

Version 4.6.1, part of Release 2013b, includes bug fixes.

See the Release Notes for details.

R2013a (Version 4.6) - 7 Mar 2013

Version 4.6, part of Release 2013a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Import of more Math Operation Simulink blocks and subsystem hierarchy, enabling more complex calibration strategies
  • Import and export of table values and breakpoints in Simulink model strategies
  • Configuration and storage of multiple fill settings for feature filling processes
  • Case study example showing calibrating a multi-injection diesel engine

See the Release Notes for details.

R2012b (Version 4.5) - 11 Sep 2012

Version 4.5, part of Release 2012b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Table filling from optimization results, when optimization operating point inputs are different from table inputs
  • Overlay of validation data on boundary model plot views

See the Release Notes for details.

R2012a (Version 4.4) - 1 Mar 2012

Version 4.4, part of Release 2012a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Up to 95% file-size reduction of CAGE and Model Browser files for point-by-point projects
  • CAGE project storage of last-used settings for tables, models, data, and optimizations for feature filling

See the Release Notes for details.