Deploying MATLAB Based Java Components on a Local Network or the Web

Deploying Java components on a local network or Web server enables multiple users to access an application in which the Java math component is integrated. You install the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) on the server only, and users can execute the application without installing MATLAB or the MCR on their individual computers. Users can interact dynamically with MATLAB figures through the builder's Web Figures interface for handling the 2D and 3D data visualization such as zooming, rotating, and panning.

You can also access MATLAB Web applications deployed as Java components with service-oriented architectures (SOAs), SOAP services, WDSL language, RMI interfaces, HTTP services, Java servlets, and JSPs.

Black Sholes example

Financial application for calculating and visualizing Black-Scholes option value implemented as a MATLAB web application. The application uses MATLAB functions converted into a Java class by MATLAB Builder JA to perform calculations and produce graphs.

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