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pdesdp, pdesde, pdesdt

Indices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains




[i,c]=pdesdp(p,e,t,sdl) given mesh data p, e, and t and a list of subdomain numbers sdl, the function returns all points belonging to those subdomains. A point can belong to several subdomains, and the points belonging to the domains in sdl are divided into two disjoint sets. i contains indices of the points that wholly belong to the subdomains listed in sdl, and c lists points that also belongs to the other subdomains.

c=pdesdp(p,e,t,sdl) returns indices of points that belong to more than one of the subdomains in sdl.

i=pdesdt(t,sdl) given triangle data t and a list of subdomain numbers sdl, i contains indices of the triangles inside that set of subdomains.

i=pdesde(e,sdl) given edge data e, it extracts indices of outer boundary edges of the set of subdomains.

If sdl is not given, a list of all subdomains is assumed.

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