Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Researchers at biotech and pharmaceutical companies use MathWorks products to perform data analysis and modeling throughout drug discovery, development, clinical trials, and manufacturing. MathWorks software provides a flexible, integrated environment spanning application areas that include:

  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling
  • Biological image processing
  • Biostatistics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biochemical modeling and systems biology
  • Process analytical technology (PAT)

Pharmaceutical researchers at any level of programming expertise can perform analysis, visualization, and modeling using graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and command-line functionality. Scripting facilities enable straightforward automation of computational workflows.

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"MathWorks tools let me concentrate on the biology and scientific questions instead of getting into the details of software application development. Developing these tools in any other way would have meant dedicating additional resources — resources that are not available given the number and priority of other ongoing projects."

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